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Introducing the 1st Mae Fah Luang University International Conference 2012

This 3- day conference has the purpose to address the, "Future challenges towards ASEAN integration", as the ASEAN Economic Community inauguration is scheduled for the start of 2015. Mae FahLuang University as an educational institution, foresees both challenges and opportunities to be brought forth by the ASEAN Economic Community 2015. And a particularly challenging domain for this integration is the collaboration between member nations in mutual educational development. For this reason it is necessary for all member nations to begin their preparation for 2015, with this conference as a catalyst providing expert guidance from notable dignitaries.
The keynote speakers of this conference include Dr.Surin Pitsuwan, the Secretary General of ASEAN, who will be giving the keynote address on the 'ASEAN Charter: Challenges and Opportunities'. This shall provide the insight, wisdom and experiencefromaleader inthe ASEAN community. The conference will also feature renowned discussion panelists who will exchange their views and opinions on "Research Foresight on ASEAN Integration". These representatives from the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) will focus on 3 scopes set for this conference, namely in Science & Technology and Environment, Social Sciences and Humanities and Health Science. The researchers will provide aconcise understanding of the expected impacts caused by the integration of ASEAN on their field of interest.
The research presentations, both oral and visual, will be held in the afternoon. This will be a platform to share innovative knowledge as well as research findings and to generate a network of scholars in the specified fields. Moreover, the best paper submitted will be chosen the best by the committee and will receive a monetary prize. This is to reward those who are conducting premium work in their particular field.
Participants will be greeted with a traditional Thai-Lanna style welcome banquet, wheredelicious Thai cuisine will be served whileappreciating a local cultural performance. This event will be in conjunction with the celebration of the Loy Kratong Festival,whereby floating lanterns will be given to all guests. Guests are also invited to participate in a traditional Trade Fair on the second night. All events shall be set in a spectacular setting in the famed centre of the University grounds. This will providean exquisite experience of the GMS atmosphere and cultures to all participants.
Mae Fah Luang University will open its doors to all visitors interested in the Sciences, Technology and the Environment, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Health Sciences, and has arranged two separate tour routes to experience the University. Route 1 will take interested guests through the Science, Technology and Health Sciences schools and Route 2 will lead guests through the Social Sciences and Humanities schools. Excursions of your choice, both pre- and post-conference, will also be arranged.
Kindly submit abstracts/full papers before the 10 October 2012 to participate in this principal event.
Scope of conferences  
Research and/or studies in the following areas are welcome:
- Science, Technology and Environmental Science/Technology
- Social Sciences and Humanities
- Health Science  


Important Dates


Abstract submission before 10 15 October 2012
Full paper submission 20 October 2012
Acceptance notification 29 October 2012
Revised paper submission 12 November 2012
Early registration until 7 November 2012
Late registration 8 - 15 November 2012
Please make a full payment before 15 November 2012
Conference 29 - 30 November and 1 December 2012



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